A tea break

We are all feeling somewhat more human today, though we’re still laying pretty low around here.  Nobody’s very hungry (though it is not a stomach bug) but we’re consuming such vast quantities of juices and hot cocoa and tea that we keep running out of clean glasses and cups.

But we’re sort of housebound, so it’s just the chance I’ve been waiting for to try out my new tea stuff. I am one of those people who never wins anything, but two weeks ago, I did (I did!).  Ana, over at her wonderful blog Tea Spot, was giving away a nifty Numi tea set to a random commenter, and I turned out to be . . . hmm . . . most random?

[Second Child’s frequent comment on my ideas or behavior: “Mom. That’s so random.”]

The set contains a pretty little glass teapot just big enough for one very large or two rather small cups of tea. And a huge assortment of flowering teas–little bundles of different kinds of tea leaves artfully tied in such a way (remember the paper flowers you used to get at carnivals that “bloomed” when you got them home and dripped water on them?) that they unfurl into amazing shapes within just a few moments.

Here’s the before picture. See that unprepossessing little pod on the left? Looking–sorry–sort of like a bagworm cocoon? That’s the tea, a variety they call Black Beauty.

Add the hot water and the magic begins:

It’s hard to see, but at this point the little alien bud is gracefully unfolding, silvered with minute air bubbles clinging to its leaves.  The other amazing thing is that as the tea begins to bloom, it floats to the surface of the water, then slowly rights itself and settles at the bottom of the pot. A few minutes more and you have this:

It’s tea–it’s topiary–it’s underwater foliage–it’s a science project. It’s lovely. Tasty, too.  I think I’ll try the Jasmine pearls next. Thanks, Ana!


6 responses to “A tea break

  1. i love your tea ceremony and your new banner. thanks for the coma story…..i think any feedback on this subject will be food for my thoughts.

  2. you’re very welcome- glad it’s being put to such good use! sometimes it’s nice to receive a gift instead of being the one who always gives them.

    keep drinking tea and i bet you’ll all feel better soon

  3. This is so beautiful! And the tea looks amazing!

  4. Way Neat! I like how you mentioned science project, bringing in the wonders of nature or something…
    blogger gifts/prizes are such fun!

    I’ve had a couple which are more my style than what my own sister gave me for my birthday.

    Then again, my sister has an important job in the electricity industry, and rarely has time to read my itty bitty blog.

  5. “Unprepossessing”…..the only other time I’ve heard that word in use was the John Wayne movie “McLintock,” spoken by the lovely Maureen O’Hara. Have you see the movie?

  6. I haven’t (I’ll have to look for it), but I’ve always thought it was a wonderful word. And I’m always delighted to get comments from someone else who knows a good word when she hears it!

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