A little time off

Crazy week, too much to do, too many germs (nothing serious). I had so many things on my schedule today, things that all got canceled by a snowstorm. Which, for once, I had the sense to honor by (no pun intended) chilling out a little. So we’re in for the day. The Better Half gallantly went out in the snow for groceries when my germs didn’t feel like an outing (in all fairness, he does most of the shopping anyway), the kids got suited up and piled the back porch bench with firewood. And I started the fire and made some salted caramels (yum) and worked on ***’s ******* before I decided the **** was totally wrong for them and started over (again, can’t give away any Christmas gift hints).

The snow is pouring down in a serious way now and piling up on the porch rails and covering the frozen pond. The Christmas tree is up on the porch and waiting for us to decorate it tonight. But you know what? If we don’t get to it until tomorrow, that’s okay, too.

And this pair of hooligans has been having a high time romping in the whiteness, and tracking a good measure of it inside.  They come in caked with snow, which sits on their backs the way it does on wooly sheep. Dinah (right, below) loves to come in and be roughly rubbed down with a towel, but Crispin (left) just wants to race through the house and wipe off his wet, icy snout on people’s pant legs.

First Child and Second Child are now amusing themselves playing computer games, which are restricted during the school week. I’m not crazy about most computer games, but I’ve found four that are doable, calming, addictive, weapons-free, and in the case of the first two, even pretty creative.  And all somewhat wintery. And suitable for kids, though some of them get tough quickly.

If you’re happily snowed in today, too, give one (or all) a whirl. And don’t blame me if you don’t get anything else done for a while.

Make-a Flake.

Line Rider (I personally prefer the beta version).

Boomshine (wait until the name Boomshine appears, then hit play).


Happy snow day.


2 responses to “A little time off

  1. OK, this is too weird – this is the second blog post in 5 minutes – literally – I’ve seen pictures of terriers! They’re so cute! I’ve got one too – Riley, a wire haired fox. Not sure I can post a pic of him in a blog post comment but I would if I could. They’re adorable.

    Thanks for the snow day game ideas. I might have to add them to my own snow day blog post from a couple days ago.

    Michelle Rafter

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