Star light, star bright . . .

Great origami tutorial tonight. Oh, okay, this morning. Just wanted it to rhyme.

Over at Domesticali there’s a great little tutorial for making paper stars. These 8-pointed beauties would make great tree ornaments, window hangings, package ties . . . what have you. They’re simple and addictive.  I came across them in my morning browsing and thought, “Hey, I’ll just whip one of these up and then I’ll get straight to work”  (work today means trying to get on top of the Christmas present pile-up and finish making stuff).

Make one. Yeah. Right. One. I ended up making about 12, out of all kinds of papers. Here are some of the ones I like best:

The one on the bottom left is made of two kinds of paper–some scraps from I-don’t-know-where, and the inside layer of one of those security envelopes in which you get Import Papers from the bank.  The other is a page from a Russian book that was part of an ephemera pack I picked up along the way.

Then I thought “I need some red and green paper”–and, lo, there was red and green paper hanging right on the kitchen bulletin board with the other take-out menus.  I like the inclusion of the Happy Families menu item.  My very favorite star, though, is the black one, made of paper strips cut from a pack of envelopes from Ikea–they’re made of newspaper in an Asian language, printed over with the pretty design of branches and leaves. I’d be happy to make a whole tree full of these, but there’s just a part of me that would like to use the gorgeous envelopes for (shhhh . . .) envelopes.

Anyway, slip over to Domesticali‘s blog and make some for yourselves. Now I want to scale some up and make a few out of quite large paper to hang on the walls.


One response to “Star light, star bright . . .

  1. They’re lovely I’m with you on my favourite one – thanks for showing me!

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