Mine, I tell you, all mine, mine, mine!


I know, I know, what am I doing making stuff for myself when Christmas is only about 15 minutes away?

Have I told you my theory that there are actually only 11 days in December, and that none of them have more than 9 hours in them? And that 4 of them are gift-giving holidays and at least one is someone’s birthday?

If you’re not panicking, you don’t understand.

So, yeah, I chose this time to finish my Noro Silk Garden scarf, the one made famous by the brilliant Jared of Brooklyn Tweed. I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw his*, so when I hit on a big yarn sale earlier this fall (40% off everything you bought if you arrived at the store at 6 a.m.–no extra credit for the incredibly fierce nor’easter my friend Julia and I swam through to get there) I went straight to the Noro shelf (so did everyone else, but who wouldn’t?) and grabbed what I could afford. Which was three skeins.

I don’t need a scarf as long as Dr. Who’s, so I used two (different variegated and mostly muted colors) for my scarf and am holding on to the third, rather more brilliantly colored skein, for something small and special.  A little neck gaiter, perhaps.

I started the scarf back in October when we were visiting First Child out in the midwest, and discovered–of course–that I’d left home with my beautiful yarn . . . and no needles. I’d intended to use maybe a size 7 or 8, but all I could find in the stores out there were some nice bamboo needles in a size 10.  So the scarf is knit with a more open look to it than some you’ll see, but it feels wonderful (that’s the silk talking) and goes with everything.

Anyway, being able to check off a Finished Object just motivated me to hurry and get back to work on presents for everyone else.  Honest.

It’s also a well-known fact that you feel more creative with your neck wrapped in something warm and stylish.  You knew that, right?

*Franklin Habit, over at The Panopticon, has also made a beautiful one, as has Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (am I the only one who always wants to spell that “Purl-McPhee?).  Come on . . . you know you want to make one, too.


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