Elfing around

It’s a good thing that the blog every day challenge was issued for November instead of December. I’m making stuff like crazy this month, but can’t put much of it up yet.  Don’t want any of the recipients to see their presents early!

Here’s one I think I can safely share, though. I found some wonderful round soaps at the local Foodworks–just lightly and nicely scented. I am not generally fond of perfumed things–they irritate my nose and give me a headache–but these are nice, with just a little bit of almond, sandalwood, and, unaccountably, oatmeal cookie. There were some other scents, too, but they exceeded my tolerance. They were so perfect and plain and round, they just cried out to be given nice jackets.

So I spent a morning wrapping them up in their own wooly coats, so now you have soaps neatly encased in their own washcloths. I imagine that as they are used, the wool around them will continue to felt and shrink, fitting itself around the soap within.

This was remarkably easy, and making some would be a great project to do with small kids, since the only materials you need are soaps, hot (not too hot) and cold water, and wool roving.  It’s not the right project to pick for a hostess gift for a party you’re going to this afternoon, though, as they do take a couple of days to dry. But as a next-to-last-minute present, these would be great.

I think they look sort of like little planets.


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