The tally–and more floating ink

Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November . . . and–including this post–I managed to blog here for 22 of those November  Art Every Day Month challenge days. It was fun, a good reminder to post more often–thanks, Leah, for issuing the challenge!

As a last post for this busy month (and to honor my sense of profound denial that tomorrow is De . . . Dec . . . no, sorry, just can’t say it yet), a few more bits of floating ink. Except for a few things like driving First Child to the airport to go back to college (sniffle), I’ve claimed the post-Thanksgiving days as days mine, for making things (again, denial steps in here and protects me from the fact that I have four deadlines coming up this week–[inserting fingers into ears] la la la la la la la . . .).

I spent much of Friday doing some suminagashi–Japanese marbling. Here’s my messy work table from that day. See the marmalade jar of paintbrushes? and just behind them there’s a little black card with some wispy white lines on it? Those are cat whiskers, carefully hoarded from whenever one of the cats (now, alas, the only cat) would lose one and I’d find it on the floor. They make wonderful tools for manipulating the ink floating on the surface of the water (so does the cheap fan over to the left of the pan full of black water). It’s black because I just kept adding and adding and adding different paints to the surface as I was trying to use up some almost empty bottles of paint. In the pan on the bottom, which I’d just begun using at this point, you can see where some of the paint is no longer floating; it has settled down to the bottom of the pan.

Traditional Japanese Marbling doesn’t typically use as many colors or prescribed forms as traditional Turkish marbling, the kind you are used to seeing on, say, the gorgeous endpapers of books, but it has its own beauty. And I’ll admit right up front that I’m completely intimidated by Turkish marbling. One of these days I mean to take a class on it.

But as a parting post for AEDM (and in spite of the fact that the weird gray weather and funky light here this weekend made for better marbling than for taking pictures of marbling), here are a few pieces that came out of this batch. If you’d like to see more, click on the flicker widget over there on the right to go to my flickr site.

And check back here soon for more goodies–I’m in the middle of a pile of projects/presents for show and tell in De . . . Decem . . . oh, crap.  You know, the month that dare not speak its name.


3 responses to “The tally–and more floating ink

  1. I love the colors of Red Planets..looks like a William Morris print..

  2. just wanted to say hello! and thanks for this wonderful blog –op

  3. what beautiful marbeling. It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

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