It’s a holiday! No, it’s a workday! Wait, it’s both . . .

It’s two, two, two days in one (I’m dating myself here). A little of both today. No, a lot of each–work to do at my desk, things to chop and saute and brine and roll out in the kitchen.  All good, though. And since First Child arrived home from school late last night for a 3 day visit and Second Child only has a half day of school today, I hope it will be all hands on deck for the cooking, which they are both good at (they take after me–neither of them could clean their way out of a paper bag, but they both have great culinary knife skills and can whip up wonderful food).

But there’s not much time for posting today. And yes, yes, I know I missed some more days in my Art Every Day Month commitment.  But I’m trying–I even managed, through the magic of date editing, to get a post up on each of the 4 days I was away last week.  And it was–thank you for asking–a great 4 days, here again (though I confess it wasn’t snowing while I was there this time; this is a photo from last February):

Just before I left, though, I passed a little vase of barberry leaves and berries that was on the small altar in our bedroom, and it called out to be painted. I really wanted to do it that very moment, never mind that I practically had one foot out the door. Grabbed the watercolor box and a brush and did these two quick (and very different) sketches.


Then left.

And now I’m back. Hmm . . . brine a turkey or write an article? Decisions, decisions . . .


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