And three:

These I love. And once you start making them, they’re as addictive as potato chips. I sat at the kitchen table one night and made 15 or so of them in all different sizes and from all different kinds of papers: rice paper with Japanese marbling, origami paper, scraps of various craft papers, brightly colored printer paper, stationery, fancy scrapbooking papers (I do not scrapbook, but I’m not above slinking around in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store).

My favorites, not actually shown here, are made from some Chinese restaurant take-out menus.

They’re really meant to be origami business card cases, with pockets for cards (mine and yours, I guess) both inside and out. But it occurred to me that if I whipped up some tiny text-blocks, just simple sewn or center-stapled signatures, the first and last pages could slide into the card pockets and turn them into nifty little notebooks. And if your cover paper is durable enough (or you’re gentle and neat enough) you could replace the filled-up text blocks and use them over and over again.

Instructions for the card cases can be found several places online. I got mine here, which is a very neat site for notebook freaks in and of itself.


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