What part of “every day” did I not understand?

Yipes.  When I signed up to participate in Art Every Day Month I thought, “Yeah, sure, I can do that.”  Well, yeah, I can. Blogging something about art (preferably of my own devising) every day for a month is completely do-able. Blogging every day about art and



preparing things for other people to eat


going to karate

walking dogs


feeding dogs

feeding the cat



having  breakfast with friends at least once a week

having the occasional lunch with my better half


Watching Good Eats at 11 most nights


hanging out with Second Child and talking on the phone now and then with First Child



and did I mention working?

Blogging every day and doing all this stuff, too? That’s another thing altogether and my hat is off to those of you who manage it. I am humbled.

Still,  I’m not going to beat myself up for missing a couple (let’s be real, more than a couple) of days. Especially since during that time I actually have, really and truly, been making things. Quite a few things.

For starters, these:

Meet Dinah and Crispin. These are the quieter, better behaved felty counterparts of my real life dogs. Their adventures and misadventures, along with various dog-related media, news tidbits, and musings make up the stuff and substance of my other blog, The Cat Person’s Dog Blog. But they do also occasionally make an appearance in my art and photos.

Besides, of course, providing endless amounts of innocent amusement. And a modicum (exactly how much is a modicum, anyway?) of hair tearing.

In real life they are Airedale terrorists terriers and they are related. Dinah is Crispin’s mother’s daughter’s son. Correcting for different litters, Dinah is Crispin’s aunt, and Crispin is Dinah’s very naughty nephew. I hope you’ll pop in and visit their blog sometimes–they can be quite entertaining and we’re hoping to get them a movie deal to pay for all the things they’ve eaten. Or at least get their charming faces on a biscuit box. Or at least get their charming faces, now and again, out of the biscuit box.

The needle felting thing? Quite frankly, it’s something I never thought I’d do. Though I’ve been knitting and spinning for years and years, when needle felting became the fiber world’s Next Big Thing, my first thought (with apologies to any devoted needle felters out there) was, “Flash in the pan.”  But, as I’ve written here, I was quite taken with a needle-felted dog I saw in Interweave Felt, and thought, “Well, okay, I could just try it.”

And now I have several projects (for future viewing) in the works.  And two felty dogs.


2 responses to “What part of “every day” did I not understand?

  1. wow. hi! i love your blog and your work here. (found you by searching for that quote “i go about pitying myself…” because i want to post it in my blog today over at xanga.com/belskaylar. (that would be bel’s kaylar, if done in proper klingon 😉 i would love to show off some of your beautiful work/photos over on my site, but only with your permission, of course.

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