Lost . . . and found

Remember a couple of months ago I posted about some photos I’d been very pleased with, or at least thought I was going to be very pleased with when I uploaded them? And when I went to do so I discovered they weren’t on my camera?  A whole batch of them, just vanished.

And so it goes. I fussed over it and moved on.

So last night I went to upload the photos I’d taken on my dawn walk by the beach that morning. Most of them were there, but two or three I’d been particularly eager to see? Just. Not. There.

This I found distressing. It wasn’t just that I was annoyed with myself for (obviously) not knowing something fairly important about the camera–I really wanted to see those pictures. They were, or would have been, of ghostly oak leaves on the pavement.

Okay, not ghostly leaves, exactly, since the leaves weren’t there. But the prints of leaves. Only not quite that, either. A picture of where the leaves had been. You see?  Only you couldn’t, because not only were the leaves gone, but the pictures of the leaves being gone were also gone. So I uploaded everything else and emptied the disk.

Tonight I sat down to upload just three little pictures I’d just taken, picturesI’d wanted to post somewhere else. And they were there, but the light was awful. I just deleted them. I’ll try again in the morning when the light is more cooperative.

But guess what was there. Or not there, depending on how well you’ve been following along. Right there on the disk.


a picture of where the leaves had been

a picture of where the leaves had been

Those missing photos from October? Still gone. Oh, well.


One response to “Lost . . . and found

  1. I really love that leaf photo. Glad you found it. Too bad about the others though.

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