Early to rise

For the longest time I was definitely a night person. I still like to work late nights if I’ve got serious writing to do, but in general my preference these days–barring the need for an all-nighter–is to wake up early.  Getting up early to sit in the quiet is lovely, and getting up for a pre-dawn karate class once a week is a treat (okay, sometimes the urge for a lie-in wins out). Best of all is the opportunity to head out for an early walk.

Lately Second Child has been needing to get to school in the wee hours to work on a project, so we’ve been driving her instead of having her take the bus. One benefit of dropping her at school at 6:30 is that if I just keep going south I can be at the beach by 6:35. These days the sun is just coming up at that hour.  I’m always surprised at the number of dedicated early morning types that are out and about, walking briskly up and down the chilly shore, but it’s by no means crowded.

Sometimes I wonder why not. Doesn’t everyone want to come out and see the light show?

And with the leaves mostly gone, the sea oats take center stage.

As the lights come up, a sun-striped boardwalk leads down to the beach, abandoned for the season.

And these stairs lead only into the blue, blue water.


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