Here’s a link to a useful little tutorial. Not mine, I’m afraid, though I’ve made lots of them by now.  Back when I was talking about my notebooks, you may have seen this:

It’s a little bookmark that fits over the corner of your page (actually, if you nestle it over several pages it stays in place even better). This one’s made out of a small square of fancy origami paper, but you could make them out of any paper you have handy, as long as you start with a square.

I found the instructions here, at Folding Trees, one of my favorite blogs.

There’s another one here at the very cool 52 Books–different folds, same nifty result.

Pick the method you like best and go to town. Once you’ve made a couple of them, you’ll be able to do them in your sleep.

How about giving one away every time you give or loan someone a book?


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