Three sisters, one birthday

It is said that the women in my family are often wrong but never in doubt.

Today is the birthday of one of these women, Margaret, aka Mart Rhea.  Strong, funny, sharp as a tack, and unwilling to suffer fools gladly, she has always had an eye for beauty and a creative spirit. Here she is with her two sisters–my aunts, Frances (popularly called Jerry) and Sarah. This photo was taken in 1961–Mom’s the one with the pearls.

Classy lookin’ bunch of gals, huh? All still kicking, each in her own way.

It happens that Mom’s November birthday sometimes falls on election day. Her worst one ever, in fact, was November 7, 1972, when Richard Nixon was re-elected to a second term and Mom, a yellow dog Democrat, entered a period of righteously indignant mourning that ended with a champagne toast as Nixon ignominiously resigned office in 1974.

This year the fates were kinder and she got her political birthday present 3 days early.

Welcome to a new era, Mom. And happy birthday.


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