Wooly fruits

Shhh . . . don’t tell. These are a gift for someone’s birthday and I’m only posting here because she doesn’t really pop in very often. I think I’m safe.

Definite last-minute panic here. I’ve actually planned this for some time, but then the calendar snuck up on me so I’ve only  just now got things done.

First, the lunch bag set. This is a slightly modified version of the lunch bags I made for my book group picnic back in September.  Instead of leaves I’ve gone for a pomegranate thing here. I stitched up the little bag from fabric I printed using the freezer paper stencil method.  Let me tell you, all those little seeds were a royal pain somewhat challenging to manage. I think they came out well, though. Then I sewed up a nice big napkin (reversible) and added a little reusable container for fruit or salad, and a set of biodegradable cutlery. Going for eco-chic here–did I make it?

The recipient plays bridge now and then with a group of women at the senior center; they all bring their own sandwiches and sodas, so I’m hoping this will come in handy.

I haven’t got the light adjusted quite right, so my little fabric tag that says floating ink on it has completely vanished; it’s over on the left side and if you could see it, it would look like this:

I may yet get around to selling some version of this (etsy, perhaps?) and I’ve been working up a hang tag to use then. I think this is the version I like best:

Anyway, on to the next part of the present, with which I have to say I’m rather pleased:

Little needle felted fruits in a knitted and then hand-felted basket. Here’s another view:

I forgot (I always forget) to add something to the photo to illustrate scale, but the apple and the pomegranate (I think I’m on a pomegranate kick; I’m not actually mad about eating them, but they are so wonderfully graphic) are each about the size of a half dollar. The pear is a tiny bit taller.

So anyway, don’t give the secret away before Friday. Tomorrow I’ve got to pop them in the overnight mail. I do always seem to be behind the 8-ball on these gift-giving holidays, but I think it will work out.


One response to “Wooly fruits

  1. She’s going to love these beautiful gifts! You’ll be taking orders from the bridge players before you know it. You are right; a pomegranate is a beautiful object. Here’s a challenge for you: needle felt a sliced piece of any fruit! Like an apple half. By the way, the floating ink tag is clean and gorgeous.

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