Lotus Moon, maple leaves, and ink

Clad in black robe,
I should have no attraction to
the shapes and scents of this world
but how can I keep the precept of detachment
gazing at today’s crimson maple leaves?

~Otagaki Rengetsu (1791–1875)(trans. John Stevens)

Found a link to what looks like a wonderful art exhibit on the life and work of the Buddhist nun Rengetsu.  Alas, the exhibit’s in Canberra, Australia, clear around the globe from me.  Lots of interesting stuff about Rengetsu (whose name means Lotus Moon) and her poetry, paintings, and pottery on the site, though.

I can’t claim to skills like hers (in either artwork or commitment to detachment), but I painted this over the weekend as part of my art practice for this season of crimson maple leaves.


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