A new medium

There’s always a lot of wool around here, some of it spun into yarn, some of it not (yet). In fact, I think we have the equivalent of three or 4 whole sheep up in the upstairs hall closet–fleece only, of course).  For years I’ve thought of it only as knitting material. That is, until I bought this on eBay last year:

Even that, though, sat around here for a while. Again, until I happened to see this at the grocery store last week and brought it home:

I’ve only done machine felting before (on some wicked warm mittens), and have never been sure how much more I wanted to try.  I’ve also always been happy to leave toymaking to others. The little felted beagle project in here by Sharon Costello really called out to me, though (and made me dig out the Cute Felty Dog book out again), and before you knew it I was sitting on the couch last night watching tv out the corner of my eye and turning some of the aforementioned wool into this:

As far as size goes, he’s about as tall as my index finger is long.  For a different sense of scale you can compare his size to that of the great honking airedale nose that somehow crept into this shot:

Ahem. Meet Crispin, the youngest member of the 4-legged contingent in our house. In fact, you can see and read more of (and about) Crispin (beyond that magnificent schnozz) and his Aunt Dinah over at (shhh) my other blog, where I’ve also posted the really-truly-if-I-do-say-so-myself-cool-other-thing-I-did-with-the-felting-that-I’m-absurdly-pleased with. The one that owes much more to the Sharon Costello’s inspiration.

Oh, do go take a look–it won’t take any time at all. Besides, you may as well meet a couple of the other family members. It would be a good idea to have a couple of biscuits in your pocket, though, if you’re going to venture over that way.


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