I’m new to Ravelry (just got my invitation a couple of weeks ago) and am still trying to find my way around there.  Right now I’m mostly just lost but definitely enjoying the view as I wander around among all the beautiful knits. My friend Beth taught me to knit while we were both in graduate school a good ways back, and I was hooked immediately. I’ve knitted for years now, sometimes obsessively, sometimes at a more–shall we say leisurely–pace, and sometimes going through periods, such as after my dad died and I’d spent many hours knitting as I sat with him during his last few months, not being able to pick the needles up at all.

I’m starting up again after a little hiatus (no trauma this time, just distracted by other things, most of them good) and am determined to get back to doing a little simple pattern designing, so I’m especially glad to have Ravelry there for encouragement. As part of starting to find my way around on the site I started entering some completed projects (I’ll get to the WIPS* sooner or later) into my Ravelry notebook. There are only tiny thumbnails on the site, so I thought I’d post a few pictures with more detail here.

These mittens (2 pair) I knitted in the fall of 2006. The wool felt embroidery was inspired by Margrit Lohrer’s Molas Mittens from this wonderful book:

Chicken mittens (with detail):

and dog mittens:

I miss Lohrer’s brick-and-mortar shop, Sheep’s Clothing, something awful, but at least there’s still an online shop selling the wonderful merino wool from her sheep.

If you’re a Ravelry-er (Raveler?), stop by–my name there is also floatingink–and take a look.


*For the benefit of non-knitters, a WIP is a work in progress.


One response to “Unraveled

  1. Congratulations on your invitation to Ravelry! I know what a big deal this is due to reading Franklin’s blog. Your art is just growing by leaps and bounds! Can’t wait to see the new stuff you start designing and knitting.

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