An early morning

What sparks you when you look at someone else’s work?

This morning I got up early (thank you, dogs) and everyone else slept late. I put the kettle on, had a quiet sit for a bit, did some laundry and then sat down to read my dailies: the NYT, Doonesbury, and a few blogs. I have a short list of blogs I try to check in with every day or every few days—you can see some of them over there to the right. The list changes and I try not to let it get out of hand (after all, one can’t just read blogs all day, right? Except for this one, of course!)—I bookmark new ones periodically.

Once in a while I feel like I’m going around in a circle with my favorite blogs, especially the art and craft ones. When I get the sense that everyone I’m reading is linked to everyone else I’m reading, I try to find some new, fresh voices and looks like this one.

Today I came to one art and craft blog that I liked so well I began to look through all the other ones she had on her blogroll. There are a lot of them, and I found myself observing the way I looked at them. All of them were beautiful, each in its own way. Some of them grabbed me immediately and I scrolled through them for a much longer time than I’d intended. Others let me know immediately that, though they were quite wonderful, they weren’t necessarily speaking to me. Others I passed by quickly, then found myself going back for a second look.

Another path, via this blog, led me to this one, and this. Each of these is quite different, and I’m not completely able to say why they drew me in the way they did. Most are by women—but not all. Some illustrate techniques I’d like to try. Some are so beautiful that I felt fed just by looking at them. Some just made me smile quietly.

So what art and craft blogs do you love best? And what makes them speak to you?

I hear footsteps upstairs. Time to get this day on the road.


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