I do support the arts, really I do. But . . .

We went to the first day of a big 3-day art and craft exhibit this afternoon, and saw some wonderful, wonderful things. I was particularly taken with some simple but startlingly beautiful clay vessels in storm cloud blues and grays. This potter, Tim Scull, was the only one at the show whose card I picked up. Hey, you never know–maybe tomorrow we’ll win the lottery and we can bring home something like this:

In the past, we’ve bought from artists at this show a few times, but this year we are just skint. I felt like we should have had on big badges that said, “Sorry, kid in college.” I don’t begrudge the expense–this is what money is for, right?  There just won’t be any major investments in art until both kids are done, you know?

So in lieu of spending big bucks (or even small change), my support for the arts this afternoon consists of asking you to pop over here and take a look at Scull’s work.


One response to “I do support the arts, really I do. But . . .

  1. It’s such a cruel irony: artists can’t afford art! But you do lots for other artists all the time. That sure is a beautiful vase. I’m going right over to his site now…

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