Here there be dragons

This is honestly not what I sat down to do today. I got to work on what was supposed to be making some jewelry. Didn’t exactly turn out like that. On the way to the jewelry findings, I got distracted by a package of ephemera I bought a few weeks ago, and the watercolors were close at hand, and and and . . .

Can’t exactly wear them around your neck, but I had a great time with these.

First this. The last crane you’re going to get out of me for a long time. I promise. Okay, I think:

Next we veered into dragon territory for an hour or so:

And lastly, this little rabbit, gazing at the moon:

I don’t know what the text on any of the backgrounds is about. Since I don’t read any of these languages, to me the individual characters and words were just wonderful images that wanted to be part of the pictures. I hope none of them are descriptions from racy novels. Or recipes for rabbit stew.


One response to “Here there be dragons

  1. N, your lines are so beautiful, so free. Love your found papers. Mark making over mark making…hmm. And in the end, true art.

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