Crane fever

I mentioned that cranes are, as my husband would say, getting in amongst me. How do things like this happen? Are there really more cranes on the horizon than there used to be, or am I just suddenly acutely aware of them?

Whatever the answer, I have been seeing cranes everywhere. Here:


Here (and I haven’t read this book yet, but it seems to be popping up in front of me all the time):

Even here, though this is a matter of hearing, rather than seeing (with apologies again that my version of WordPress doesn’t link well to YouTube). But this has been an especially insistent one, really sticking in my head and in heavy rotation in the car CD player, so do go and have a listen if you want to understand all the things that hooked me.

Other things began to come together to support these poor random birds.

A telling of the Japanese folk story about the crane wife.

The beautiful coat I posted about before, from SpiritCloth’s blog.

Some arts and techniques–brush painting, and the making of accordion books.

And some materials, including a wonderful package of midnight blue cardstock imbedded with white flakes that I got on sale here, a box of 2 x 2″ glass squares from here, and a boxful of unused sheets of paper decorated with suminagashi, or Japanese marbling, left over from an art assignment from a couple of years ago, like this one (but not this one):

What came of this I’ll describe in my next post. Time to go and make some supper and start getting the family settled in for the night.


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