Crane fever, part 2

Here is how the crane-y goodness all came together, and just in time for my dear friend Leslie’s birthday. I finished so close to the wire that I had to borrow it back from her for a little while so I could take some pictures of it after the fact.

I used to be so organized . . .

Anyway, here are a few shots of the finished product, my take on the story of the crane wife, in haiku, with (shall we say “primitive”?) brush paintings and an origami crane from a stamp I carved. Unlike the last book I made (which I’ll show here soon–I seem to be doing everything backwards), which was an edition of 10 copies, each hand-illustrated one by one, the crane book is a one-off. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a couple more copies without falling down dead, but for now Les owns the entirety of the first edition. Collectors, take note (hee hee).

The front (I forgot to include an item like a coin in the photo to help you visualize the scale of the piece–the covers are 4.5 x 4.5″):

A front view, with the book unfolded:

The title page:

The back cover:

And my favorite part, the last page/inside back cover:

The project was so much fun, though there were frustrating moments, such as the ones spent folding many successively smaller cranes until I did one that fit under the glass in this shadow box. Whew! Happy birthday again, Leslie.


5 responses to “Crane fever, part 2

  1. Whoa! Collectors, stand down! I am the recipient of the beautiful book and yes, I DID have a happy birthday! Nancy’s photos are beautiful and competent, but only by holding the book in your hands, seeing it with your own eyes and unfolding it and sniffing it (that’s right–the thing you do with your nose) can you truly appreciate it. You’d love it if you could have it for your very own. But you can’t. Wishing you a thousand cranes, Nancy.

  2. What a lovely blog you have, Nancy. I have just found it by following your linked name in the comments section of my own blog – you must have visited from the link Jude made in a recent post. LOVE your banner head as well as the beautifully crafted art you have chosen to share.

  3. Hi, Les–blushing here.

  4. Hey–welcome Acey! And yup, I popped over to see YOUR beautiful blog, led by the link from Jude’s–I feel like I’m in such wonderful company. Hope you’ll come back again.

  5. well, nice to be here in crane-ville!

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