Amazing amazing

In my trip through the arts and crafts blogosphere (and a discussion of those two volatile words will come up here one of these days; not today, though) this past week I came across one of the most amazing and beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen, at SpiritCloth’s gorgeous blog. Okay, actually on her flickr site:

Spirit Cloth\'s bird coat

Everything she has posted on both the flickr site and her blog is beautiful, but this one had me just over the moon. Partly because it’s so, so wonderful that I want to reach into the photo and steal borrow it for many, many days, and partly because it fits right into a synchronistic thing that’s been going on in my head and my work for a while–cranes, crane stories, crane imagery–they all want me to pay attention to them these days. Also, I’ve wanted to make myself a quilted coat ever since I wore out the one that my college boyfriend bought me on impulse one day–man, I miss that coat.

I have actually done something with the crane theme, which I’ll show you later on today if I get a chance.

In the meantime, though, do themes and images grab you before you have any idea what form they want to take in your work? What kinds? And how does the process work for you?


2 responses to “Amazing amazing

  1. hey, i just caught this post, thanks for such nice words….themes always grab me. i keep them in my head and then fit everything i come across into that filter….works for me.

  2. Wow, thanks, Jude! Delighted to see you here. I’m still dreaming about that coat . . . and today no fewer than 3 cranes in various forms crossed my path. Maybe they’re not quite done with me yet.

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