Art is where you find it

Sometimes beauty and art are right there in front of you.

A good mess

I spent so long trying to capture the beautiful sour cherries, the black currants and the red currants we gathered from the yard (with big thanks to First Child for climbing higher on the ladder than I am comfortable doing and for clearing out the brush and showing us that the currants we planted a–ahem–very many years ago are still there) that I didn’t actually have time to wash and pit the cherries until the next day.

Cherries and berries

Alas, the picture of the cherry pie was too elusive to capture.

But it was extremely tasty.

By the way, take a quick look at my other blog if you want to see another family member who likes to snag a cherry right off the tree.


2 responses to “Art is where you find it

  1. I really like it… The colors are great….

  2. Thanks, Shelly! I have to say that a pie made from the red and yellow cherries looks a little disconcerting at first–sort of pale. Nothing pale about the taste, though!

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