Happy father’s day

My own dad is no longer with us, but it seemed like a good day to say that this is where I got my earliest artistic inspiration. I can’t remember when Dad, a graphic artist by trade, wasn’t making something–paintings, drawings, doodles and cartoons, woodcuts, carvings, clothes for my troll dolls (my sister and I were the only kids on the block whose trolls had not only shaggy caveman outfits, but stovepipe hats and a full set of priest’s regalia), baskets (from wooden splints he’d shaved), biscuits and braided loaves of bread. Or encouraging us to make something and being proud of whatever we produced.

Here’s dad, with me, c. 1957:

You there–get up from your computer and go make something with your (or someone else’s) kid. You never know where it will lead.


2 responses to “Happy father’s day

  1. Wow, what a treat to see this picture of you and your dad!! And I LOVE the 1957 slipcovers. I swear, we had the same pattern on ours when I was a kid! Your dad is certainly a handsome, intelligent looking guy. You can see how he’d be always making and creating something…and just the way he’s cradling you shows what a great father and encourager he must have been. Makes a tear come to the eye, thinking about these fathers that have gone…Mine was an artist, too, and I miss him all the more on Father’s Day!

  2. Oh. Man. Hot Dad! And may I say, that’s a great, classy and classic picture no matter who the people are?

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