Goodies for the supply stash

A trip to a big antiques show yesterday yielded a few little treasures. I went with $23 in my pocket and came home with just 2 (fortunately, my better half was along to pay for some Italian ices–it was one of those cloudy but hot and humid days when the wind feels like it’s wrapping you up in wet felt). Came away with some goodies that are sparking my imagination.

A drawer from an old sewing machine table:

and some wonderful woven linen tapes from the late 19th century (the birds) and the mid-20th century (the rest):

Now where to go from here?


3 responses to “Goodies for the supply stash

  1. Beautiful drawer – looks ancient. And the ribbons are cuuute! found your blog via whip up, had to have a look around! 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping in–I’m a huge fan of your blog, btw! Hope you’ll visit again soon.

  3. Nancy, what a great find. I am hanging onto three much less adorned sewing machine drawers myself. Have so many thoughts about what to do with them that I’m too undecided to touch them. I like the idea of paintings around all sides. I picture them hung up a group, some facing out and some facing in…

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this one, though it’d make just a very neat shelf if left alone and hung on the wall. No doubt you’ll do something cool.

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