I’m on WhipUp today!

Remember that little surprise I said was coming? I can spill the beans now–my tutorial on making a brooch like my Mt. Fuju pin is on WhipUp today. Depending on when you view it, you may have to scroll down through a few (also wonderfully inspiring) items. WhipUp is a great source of inspiration for me, and I’m delighted to be a contributor.

Big hello to all the WhipUp readers who have come over to take a look at the blog today–make yourselves at home–happy to see you all–juice? tea? cookies? If you’ve come here through a different portal, I’d be tickled if you went over to WhipUp to see their lovely treatment of my project. And if there’s any down time in the coming weekend, I’ll be posting another tutorial on a related theme.


3 responses to “I’m on WhipUp today!

  1. Beautiful…I love your tutorial… thank you for sharing…

  2. Tricia Garrett

    I’m so glad for that link. Really interesting blog and I’ll keep visiting.

  3. Thank you both! I’m loving seeing all these new names as people stop by–do come back!

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