Low motion art

It’s much too hot here to do anything requiring calisthenics of either the physical or the mental variety. With the heat index over 100 °, it’s really been too hot even to sit at the computer and write, so I’ve been lazily piddling with some art projects today, periodically spraying the back of my hot neck with the watercolor mister.

I’m working on a sizeable project, but since my more immediate need today was to make something on which I can send a note to someone, and since I was able to muster just enough energy to pick up a carving tool and some small blocks of MasterCarve. I came up with these:

Then, just because I had gotten out the watercolors (to get at the mister, you know), I did a couple of quick pen and watercolor sketches. May I say in my defense that I’m teaching myself and that the learning curve is too steep for any serious rappelling on such a sweltering day? Witness this:

and this:

Now I’m spent. Time for a vodka and tonic with lots of ice.


4 responses to “Low motion art

  1. Oh, Nancy, I LOVE these watercolors. They’re so beautiful. Really–it must be so gratifying to be able to produce such lovely things…

  2. Very beautiful. And very inspiring.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Oh, neat little fern studies! I’m catching up on your work on this blog after time on the road, Nancy. What a joy!

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