A gift of art

Too many pictures of my stuff–here’s one of a gift someone dear to me gave me. For a recent birthday, I received this:

The photo shows the top of one of three pieces in an incense set. I burn incense a couple of times a day here, in a couple of different places, and my husband made me a beautiful incense set of a lovely hardwood whose name I can’t remember [update–he says it’s sapele]. There’s a tall, lidded holder for long sticks that burn about 45 minutes, a somewhat shorter open-topped match safe, and a short piece, of the same wood, with a hole drilled through it, for actually burning the sticks themselves. The detail photo shows my favorite part, an inset piece in the top of the incense stick container, on which a figure remarkably similar to the design I use for my avatar here and my signature on some of my art pieces, has been inscribed. It looks like scrimshaw on a piece of ivory, but it’s actually a much more animal friendly piece of tagua nut, also called vegetable ivory.

So pretty, and such a special treat, getting a handmade gift with so much love (and artistry!) built in.

Favorite incenses of the moment: Nippon Kodo’s Viva Pine/Sandalwood to burn in the mornings, and Shoyeido’s “Moss Garden,” lovely for an evening sit before bed.


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