Minimalism redefined

Another recent I’ll-know-what-to-do-with-them-someday purchase a month or two ago left me in possession of a quart (well, it was a quart-sized zip bag, anyway) of wooden Scrabble tiles, and a lucky grab at the local Goodwill store netted me (for $3) a much used Scrabble game–one of the old ones, also with wooden tiles (did you know that most of the current Scrabble games have plastic tiles?), though many of them were missing.

I feel deep ambivalence about cannibalizing Scrabble sets–I know there are game mavens and ephemera collectors out there who treasure the old ones. And I much prefer the wooden tiles to the new plastic ones, but then, there are all those trees to consider. And though today it’s the deluxe sets that still have wooden letters, in the 1950s, according to this history of Scrabble, the really classy sets were the ones with plastic letters.

That geek moment out of my system . . . what to do with all these wooden tiles? First, of course, I carefully checked our household* Scrabble set (circa 1986) and discovered we were missing a C, a U, an M, and a D. Having replaced those tiles, I began happily piddling with the remaining ones:

Acrylics, on the smallest wooden boards in the house.

I still have well over a quart of tiles. Not to mention that beautiful heavy game board, which will be perfect for making book covers. Now, what to do with the little wooden benches the tiles sit on?


*I should note that we’re all such word nerds in this house that we don’t actually play Scrabble at home very often, as our games are likely to end with the threat of bloodshed.


2 responses to “Minimalism redefined

  1. Wow! I LOVE those! My favorite is the bird with the red spots and big white eyes in the third row.

  2. Oh, Caryn–that’s hysterical! I meant to go back when the whites of those birdie eyes were dry and give them pupils–oops. I think now, though, just knowing someone likes them that way, I may just leave ’em.

    BTW–I’ve visited your website several times–love it. And there’s my friend Sandi down in your blogroll! Stop by any time. N.

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