It’s the materials

. . . that can often guide what I make.  A few weeks ago I bought a box of blank glass microscope slides.  Didn’t have a clue what I’d do with them, but they were cheap and they tickled my imagination.  Today they became these:

I made about ten different necklaces out of them, each a little different.  The marbled papers behind the middle and bottom ones are my own suminagashi, and the stamps on those two are also ones I carved.  I don’t as a rule like to buy other people’s rubber stamps, but the cool stamps on the top one I bought here (just couldn’t resist them). In fact, second child liked the winged cat head thingies (they remind her of the creatures in Mirrormask, one of her favorite movies) so much she snagged the first one and I had to make another for myself.

The tricky part was stamping the images on the (inside of) the microscope slides. I bought some StazOn stamp ink, and it did work (and gives quite a different result than I would have gotten from stamping on the paper and then laying the glass over it). Man, it was a bugger to use, though, at least for me, with no prior experience in stamping on non-porous surfaces.  Took ages to dry.

But I’m delighted with the results.


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